If Destroyed Still True is the art and design practice of Gray Simpson. He collaborates with courageous freethinkers to help realise their ambitions, whether they're just starting out or leading the charge for a globally recognised company. The work is expressive and effective, constructing narratives to build brands with purpose and personality.

Agile & Personal

Working primarily within the arts, culture and lifestyle sectors, I craft meaningful solutions in graphic design, brand development, illustration and web design. I love to partner with like-minded and equally ambitious clients, who believe in mutual respect, good honest dialogue and compelling ideas. In my experience, these shared traits provide the best foundation for successful design.

Collaboration & Craft

I work closely with you to develop a deep understanding of what makes your brand unique and how I can best communicate your vision and values. My design often uses traditional art materials to express those ideas and reflect the distinctive characteristics of your brand. The results possess a physicality and presence which cuts through the noise so your message can be heard.

Expressive Works.

I believe expressive design that's true to the purpose and personality of your brand, can resonate with people on a deeper emotional level. This builds trust, empathy and lasting connections that elevate your business.